Our Core Values: E is for Expertise

*Note: “E is for Expertise” is part 5 of a 5 part series on South Valley Pediatric Dentistry’s core values. To start with part 1, click here – Our Core Values*

The final letter in our Core Value acronym, TIKE, stands for Expertise. At South Valley Pediatric Dentistry we believe in providing a one stop resource for parents and kids to learn all about their dental health. This means that our staff is dedicated to keeping current on dental research, advances in medicine and technology, and best practices for dental treatment in infants, toddlers, and teens.

SVPD Team Listening to our CPR instructor demonstrate life saving techniques.
SVPD Team Listening to our CPR instructor demonstrate life saving techniques.

“E is for Expertise” means that our staff annually attends continuing education classes to keep our knowledge up to date. It also means that we have frequent staff meetings and briefings on important updates and news in the dental industry. For example, our staff recently renewed our CPR and Basic Life Support certifications as part of our ongoing effort to provide the best and safest care possible.

Another important factor in expertise is the ability to deliver quality service to our patients and their families. Our staff members are hard working, enthusiastic, and invested in caring for children. We hire the best so that we can give our best to our patients. The other letters in our acronym, Togetherness, Integrity, and Kindness, only matter if we are able to provide competent, evidence-based dental care, from cleanings to sedations and everything in between. We know that by hiring a great team, educating and training them with the best dental techniques, and providing the tools to be experts in this field, we can continue giving excellent dental care to the kids of Utah County.

Have you found our staff to display sufficient Expertise? Let us know what you think in the comments below. And as always, feel free to call our office at 801-489-1301 with any questions, comments or concerns.

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