Our Core Values: K is for Kindness

*Note: “K is for Kindness” is part 4 of a 5 part series on South Valley Pediatric Dentistry’s core values. To start with part 1, click here – Our Core Values*

In our acronym TIKE the K stands for Kindness. Kindness deals with how we treat our patients and their families, and it includes friendliness, respect, understanding and patience, among other traits. Since South Valley Pediatric Dentistry works with children, we have a particular duty to keep kindness at the core of our practice.

Keeping it Positive

Children thrive on positive reinforcement, and are much more likely to cooperate when they feel safe and at ease. We train our staff members to be enthusiastic, welcoming, and cheerful in order to set the tone of the visit. When little ones are scared or rowdy, our staff reacts with patience and understanding in order to help turn the appointment around. Assistants and dentists know how to gently talk a child through their visit. Often after seeing us regularly, even nervous little ones begin to enjoy coming to the dentist.

Dr. Chamberlain, Dr. Bower and the South Valley Pediatric Dentistry Team posing for a picture at Give Kids A Smile
South Valley Pediatric Dentistry Staff at the annual Give Kids A Smile event.

Giving Back

Another way we strive to exemplify Kindness in our practice is by volunteering in our community and abroad. Dr. Chamberlain leads the way by attending humanitarian trips abroad, performing dentistry in underprivileged populations in Asia, Africa and South America. Additionally, our staff participates in the annual Give Kids a Smile event in Utah, donating time, labor and resources to provide dental work to needy children. These opportunities to give back remind the staff to be humble, generous and to think of others while we practice day-to-day.

Learning and Improving

Kindness is an essential part of who we are as a practice and as individuals, so we want to make sure we're always on track. We welcome all comments, questions and concerns, and we respond to them with an open mind and willingness to improve.

How are we living up to our goals for kindness? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

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