Why Are Baby Teeth Essential to Oral Health?

Dr. Chamberlain is currently the President of the Utah Dental Association, and as such, has been blessed with the opportunity to visit different dentists throughout the state of Utah. He loves serving in this way and helping to educate the community about oral health and hygiene. Last week, he was able to spend time talking about one of his greatest passions: educating parents about how to take care of children and their baby teeth on KUTV.

Dr. Chamberlain put it best by reminding us, “baby teeth are essential in being able to function well.” A baby is born with 20 teeth, called primary teeth. These teeth are not visible in the mouth at birth, but begin to erupt between 6 months and 1 year of age with almost all of the teeth normally appearing by age three. These primary teeth keep space in the mouth for permanent teeth, and also help children develop patterns of speech and eating habits.  Dr. Chamberlain outlines a few basic ways in which we can help those teeth fulfill their purpose.

Check out the video to get a better idea about baby teeth and what can be done to help children develop and keep those teeth as long as they are needed.


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