Our Core Values: T is for Teamwork

*Note: “T is for Teamwork” is part 2 of a 5 part series on South Valley Pediatric Dentistry’s core values. To start with part 1, click here – Our Core Values*

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As discussed in our last post, South Valley Pediatric Dentistry’s core values can be summarized with the acronym “TIKE.” The T in TIKE stands for Teamwork, a vital part of our operation. We strive to cultivate effective teamwork between staff members, as well as working together with our patients and their families.

Effective communication fosters better teamwork. Our goal is to be frank, honest, clear and kind in our conversations. We believe that respect and openness can help us avoid miscommunication and positively resolve tense situations. We meet together as a staff monthly and as needed to ensure that everyone stays on the same page and to foster ongoing training and improvement. Along with improving communication, these staff meetings create a sense of unity and togetherness. When every member of the team feels involved and engaged the practice functions more efficiently and we can serve our patients better.

Another way we try to build healthy teamwork is by offering flexible solutions to fit individual patient needs. From working around busy schedules to offering a wide array of sedation options, South Valley Pediatric Dentistry was designed to cater to diverse needs and circumstances. We train each team member to listen carefully to the individual concerns of our patients so that we can find ways to accommodate their needs. The safety, health and happiness of our patients are our top priorities, and we know that the best way to accomplish that is by teaming up with parents. After all, you know your child and his or her individual circumstances.

Working together effectively is vital to our practice continuing to function. We welcome input from our community on how we can do even better. Let us know any suggestions for further improving our teamwork by commenting below or on our facebook.


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