Fall Dental Health: Costumes, Candies and Cavities

Finally fall is officially upon us! The weather is cooling, back-to-school sales seem like a distant memory, schedules are settling back into normalcy and Halloween is just around the corner. What could possibly go wrong?

fall leaves

Actually, when it comes to your children’s teeth, a lot can go wrong in fall. Caramel apples, trick-or treating and the ever encroaching holiday season mean those notorious sugar bugs (cavities) are just waiting to pounce. But by following a few simple steps, the festivities of fall don’t have to cause your dental downfall.

  1. Limit Sugar – Of course it’s not necessary to ban all sweets from the house, but once that Halloween haul comes in, monitoring candy access for your little monsters can help keep their teeth in top condition. We’d suggest limiting candy to one or two pieces per day in order to prevent the bacterial growth and plaque buildup which cause cavities. Need help kicking the candy habit? Starting November 1st, South Valley Pediatric Dentistry will host our annual Halloween Candy Buyback, exchanging cash for candy!
  2. Rinse, repeat – The heat of summer may be long gone, but kids still need plenty of water to keep their mouths and their bodies healthy. Drinking water will wash excess sugar away from teeth, reduce candy cravings and help prevent infection. Even if they’re not as thirsty as the sweaty summer months, rinsing out your child’s mouth with water can still help keep teeth, gums and tongue healthy and germ-free.
  3. Favor Flossing – Candy and other sweets have a nasty habit of sticking between teeth and causing dental decay, so flossing becomes especially important when sticky, sugary snacks increase in fall.

Taking care of your teeth is important year round, but some seasons present unique challenges to even the most dedicated dental disciples. Taking extra care to limit sweets, drink plenty of water and clean in between teeth can help ensure a safe and healthy Halloween!

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