Why Pediatric Dentistry?

When I was a kid I saw my parent’s general dentist along with the rest of my family. I had never heard of Pediatric Dentistry, and did not understand the need for it, since a general dental office can clean anyone’s teeth. As an avid tooth brusher and a relatively cooperative child, a general dentist was able to treat my teeth without too much trouble. However, when I began working at South Valley Pediatric Dentistry I learned that many children (and adults with special needs) require a specially trained hand to prevent tooth decay, gum disease and other dental problems. Additionally many parents choose Pediatric Dentists because of their specific training and expertise in treating childhood dental problems, because of the fun child-oriented office environment, and/or  because they offer alternative treatment options which you won’t find in general dentistry.

Specialized Knowledge

Pediatric Dentists like Dr. Chamberlain and Dr. Bower undergo an additional two years of specialized training after dental school, so they have more knowledge about childhood dental problems than a general dentist. Due to this specialized knowledge, Pediatric Dentists can answer all of your questions and concerns regarding the mouth of your child. They can address everything from thumb sucking, to braces, to wisdom teeth and beyond. Your pediatric dentist knows everything you need to care for your child’s mouth at each stage of growing, so don’t be afraid to ask what’s on your mind; they’ve heard every unusual question there is! Additionally, their training gives them the unique perspective necessary to treat individual children in the most ethical and stress-free way possible. In fact, because of their specialized knowledge, general dentists often refer younger patients to pediatric dentists when they have cavities, tooth decay or other dental problems.

Kid-Friendly Environment

Pediatric Dental offices treat children exclusively, and are equipped with toys, entertainment and decoration to help children feel at ease. Many patients tell us they love coming to our office because of our colorful fish tanks, television sets, and toys – including our train table, picture books, ipads and Nintendo games. These fun features of our office provide children with activities for the waiting room, as well as distraction during the less fun parts of dental appointments. When I first saw the waiting room at South Valley Pediatric Dentistry, I realized what I had missed by going to a general dentist as a child.

Pediatric Dentists and their assistants also have experience and training working with children of all ages, so they can help anyone from – toddler to teen and beyond. We see children in all the various stages of growing up and tailor the experience to your child’s comfort level. Our staff is also completely used to handling a range of positive and negative reactions to dental appointments. Some children don’t like cleanings, and they may get nervous for exams. Every day we help upset children get through their dental visits. No matter the comfort level of your child, we can and will help them get the dental care they need.

Additional Treatment Options:

Pediatric Dentists have the ability to treat patients who need additional care and attention, including patients with high anxiety, patients with special needs, and/or very young patients, because they are trained in various sedation techniques. Without sedation, some children and patients with special needs could not have dental work done, which can lead to infection, severe tooth decay and loss of teeth. The dentists at South Valley Pediatric Dentistry generally use one of three sedation options depending on the extent of dental work to be done, the age of the child, any special needs the child may have (such as a learning disability), the child’s behavioral history, and any other pertinent factors. For more information on sedation appointments, read this post which describes the three sedation options we use in our office, or give us a call at 801-489-1310.

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